UHHP Homeless Services Training Institute

Providing a comprehensive array of training and technical assistance

UHHP is a project of Homeless Health Care Los Angeles, which provides comprehensive programs for people in need of health, mental health, housing, or quality of life services. These programs bring those who are seeking housing, substance use, and mental health treatment through the doors of HHCLA and provide a fully integrated harm reduction program with the goal of obtaining overall health and improved well-being.

Homeless Services Case Management Institute

United Homeless Healthcare Partners was formed in 2006 as a network of service providers and advocacy organizations. Our primary focus is on building the capacity of organizations to meet the needs of people experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles County.

As the region develops the social and political will to address the crisis of homelessness among our residents, UHHP’s role is to provide training and technical support to those that deliver services in housing, health, mental health,  substance abuse treatment, and other areas of support.

Upcoming Training

Supervising Case Managers begins SEPTEMBER 9th
Cultural Humility
JULY 20th, 2016
AUGUST 26th, 2016
SEPTEMBER 22nd, 2016
Advanced Application of Cultural Humility in Organizations
SEPTEMBER 23rd, 2016